Hear from real life customers

  • I only fit McAlpine pan connectors, always seal first time.
    Darren Starkey
  • We keep a large stock of Mcalpine in the work shop it’s the only waste fitting me & my brother use
    Douglas Rae
  • Absolutely love them, always recommend the products.
    Elliot Towler
  • The best on the market.
    Shaun Morris
  • Worth every penny due to the quality and reliability of the products.
    Robert Jones
  • Solid, reliable and well thought out products
    Clifford Hanbridge
  • I always use McAlpine, fit and forget!
    Glenn Blackburn
  • They do exactly what they need to do
    Darren Costin
  • Great traps easy to fit.
    Stanley Tabersham
  • I prefer to use them as I know they are of good quality
    Paul Cockhill
    Zafar Mahmood
  • Great waste pipe fitting Excellent at Marrying up two different types of pipe copper and plastic
    Ben Steele
  • Reliable, good quality and easy to get hold of. Absolutely love them, always recommend the products. 4″ rodent barriers – so good even the rats don’t bother knocking!
    Justine Win

Did You Know?

In the UK, 1 in 5 adults over 45 years of age have knee pain. Many of them work in trades. Can you afford to take six months off work for a knee operation? McAlpine Kneepads, powered with Redbacks Technology will protect and save your knees


Have you started having issues with your knees already?

Do you lose some feeling after you’ve been kneeling down? Are you stiff when you try to get up, after kneeling? Are your knees sore – especially in one area? Are your ankle joints sore? Some of the most common causes of knee pain are reversible, including Osteoarthritis, Bursitis and Patellar Tendonitis. McAlpine Kneepads support your whole knee, not just one point. McAlpine Kneepads are comfortable so you can work on your knees for a long time. McAlpine Kneepads are machine washable. No need to take them out of your workwear trousers. McAlpine Kneepads don’t degrade.


You may think foam or gel knee pads will do the job? Think again!

Picture your knee going into that foam or gel, day after day. The point of your knee presses down on the same part of the foam, or gel, time after time, and as the foam and gel disintegrates and loses shape, it supports the knee less and less, creating a concentrated point of pain on your knee. To really ease and stop pain, you’ll need kneepads that are robust, hold shape, and are fully breathable.