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Overflow Pipe & Fittings

Our industry leading overflow and condensate pipes and fittings are an essential inclusion in your plumbing system, removing excess and waste water from basins, baths, sinks, central heating systems, cisterns and more.

Overflow Pipe and Fittings
  • Tank Overflow
  • Standing Wastes
  • Pushfit 90° Knuckle Bend
  • Pushfit 90° Knuckle Bend x BSP Coupling Nut
  • Pushfit Adaptor
  • BSP Nut
  • Pushfit BSP Screwed Adaptor
  • Pushfit Straight Connector
  • Straight Overflow Tank Connector
  • Bent Overflow Tank Connector
  • Straight Female Overflow Coupling with Fixed Nut
  • Straight Female Overflow Coupling with Loose Nut
  • 90° Female Overflow Coupling with Loose Nut
  • Flexible to Rigid Overflow Pipe Straight Connector
  • 90° Overflow Bend
  • Overflow Pipe Blank Cap
  • 135° Overflow Bend
  • Overflow Tee
  • Overflow Pipe
  • Straight Overflow Connector
  • HDPE White Pipe
  • Bent Tank Connector