Waste Accessories

McAlpine's Waste Accessories are peripheral hardware that are attached or plugged in to a waste outlet in order to achieve a full block or full unblock on drainage, such as plugs, handled PVC plugs and CP chains.

  • White Plastic Plug
  • White Plastic Plug with Handle
  • White PVC Plug
  • White Tap Hole Stopper
  • SS Tap Hole Stopper
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Overflow Stopper
  • CP Chain and 2 Triangles, Stay and Nut
  • CP Chain and 2 Triangles
  • CP Plastic Plug
  • CP Plastic Plug with Handle
  • Black Plastic Captive Plug
  • Black Plastic Plug with Handle
  • Black PVC Plug
  • Black PVC Plug with Handle
  • White Plastic Backnut